Heartbreak Strikes Again

New Folk/Americana singer-songwriter Jon Darren releases his debut EP next Friday 10/6/17. The project, titled “Raven”, is a collection of love ballads done mostly in an acoustic stripped-down production style that showcases Darren’s troubadour chops.

 NOW AVAILABLE – Jon Darren “Raven” EP (CD)

Loaded with emotion and authenticity, Raven EP has 8 original songs written by Jon Darren and 4 cover tunes. Darren’s performances are delivered with passion and soul by the singer/songwriter who just began singing and writing early this year as a way to work through a divorce/heartbreak.

After getting positive crowd reactions while performing at open-mics around the SF Bay Area, Jon Darren quickly began writing original songs which he took into the recording studio to, as he says, work out his therapy.

Meant to cultivate feelings of nostalgia and love for an ex, the collection represents, for Jon Darren, a time period in which he was immersed in music and the love for his family. The pain and feeling he put into these songs is very out front and vulnerable, making this EP, if nothing else, an accurate artistic representations of a music-man processing the loss of a great love.