Jon Darren announced his debut EP will be called “Raven” and also shared the project’s cover art. The EP will consist of some of his first original songs written & recorded in last few months after a shift in thinking which, he says, bordered on a spiritual awakening.

The SF Bay Area singer/songwriter has received some positive crowd reactions at open-mics around the Bay Area while also working tirelessly in the studio and all of this culminated into a decision by Darren to focus full-time on the Folk/Americana music he’d been merely fooling around with to that point.

Disregarding the popular route taken by many folk-acts who begin with fast-paced, foot-stompin’ songs, Raven presently is a collection of emotional acoustic love ballads Jon recorded in the last year. To the question of why he opted to go with heartfelt love songs as opposed to perhaps more commercial song styles, Jon simply responds: “Because I like to write and play things that make my arm hairs stand up and makes me think. Most of that shit doesn’t do that for me, right now.”

“The Universe is telling me where I should go, and I’m just following, I have no idea or expectations about anything other than I’m doing what I feel.”

Raven is slated for a mid-September release.