Jon Darren, a brand new singer and songwriter who recently began performing and recording his brand of Folk/Americana in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, has just launched his official website.

The site will include latest news, music, videos, tour dates and info on this quirky cat with a passion for acoustic instruments and all manners of general trouble-making.

So why has this acoustically dark crooner (clearly influenced by his favorite artists Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan & Kris Kristofferson) decided that now is the time to announce himself to the interWorld?

“I plan on being massively successful so I figure I better have my website tip-top for my fans to learn everything about my interesting self…. and to buy stuff.”

Jon’s playful sarcasm denotes the obvious reality that an unknown musician announcing a new website isn’t exactly the kind of news that will shake up the world. However, after spending the last few months in a recording studio recording covers and then creating original¬† songs in the genres he listens to these days, he’s excited to now share his musical journey with the outside world.

“I’m making some music I really like and am interested to see who else might enjoy it. Never really thought I’d be a singer or a performer, and I don’t now why¬† where the Universe is clearly directing me to do this, but it is. So I’m paying attention, having a blast every day and doing my best to go wherever this leads.”

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